How to beat "Don't Close Your Eyes" like a pro


01:00 AM
Start putting sigils on the doors and be very careful to not let any demon in, because you're gonna need the radio soon.


02:00 AM
Draw the sigil responsible for the right middle door but do not cast it yet! Just have it ready (be sure you traced it good).

Close the spell book and only use your flashlight.
Soon you'll notice the crawler on top of the right middle door. As soon as you see him, jump back in the book and cast the spell.
If the book doesn't accept your drawn sigil, you're gonna most likely die. If you successfully cast the spell, the crawler will vanish.

Meanwhile, whenever you hear the demon laughter, stop whatever you're doing and turn on the radio.
If you fail to interrupt more than two laughter, a demon WILL murder you in your bed.


3:00 AM
Until now you have to have at least one laughter interrupted and one crawler.

Make another sigil ready for the right middle door but don't spend any more time in the book.

Keep scaring the demons off with your flashlight and as soon as the crawler shows up again, cast the spell within a few seconds.


4:00 AM - 6:00 AM
Repeat the same process but the doors will be opening much faster and you don't have enough time to draw the sigil in one go, so just close and reopen the book and use your flashlight.
If you do anything as explained, you'll read 06:00 AM with no deaths.


Congratulations! You just beat the game.


You WILL die if you
- keep the crawler waiting.
- don't interrupt the laughter with the radio.
- use all your flashlight battery.
- let the demons in while you're busy drawing the sigils.


Good luck!

Don't Close Your Eyes